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Let Our Remodeling Experts Help With Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Or Home Addition Project.
Our designers provide everything needed to give you the home you’ve always wanted. 

SHEWORKS specializes in Home Remodeling and Electrical services in the Greater Phoenix area, and we are a proud distributor of locally owned Oakcraft Cabinets. Whether you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, are interested in shower or tub conversions, would like to replace your flooring, or have a full home remodel in mind, you will be in the best of hands with SHEWORKS. 

Home Remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, painting, drywall, flooring, electrical


You may be surprised at the dizzying array of colors, themes, and design choices when you finally decide to remodel your home. The remodeling process is better with the help of an experienced and professional home remodeling team, because this is where your dream home will come to life.

Painting, flooring, drywall repair, electrical, lighting, recessed lighting, countertops, dedicated circuits


The kitchen is where you and your family spend most of their time. It’s an excellent idea to start your remodeling project here.


After all, don’t you dream of having the perfect kitchen? Request a free quote now!

Bathroom remodel, recessed lighting, dedicated circuit, sconces, pendant lights, flooring, drywall repair, painting


SHEWORKS will create the perfect bathroom utilizing your existing space and our extensive bathroom remodeling services. 


Your bathroom will have all the comforts, features, and fixtures you’ll need for a relaxing experience. We can create your dream bathroom according to your specifications.

Drywall repair, painting, Painter, Dunn Edwards, Sherman Williams


Painting is one of the most important factors in maintaining a home's value.


The exterior of your house should be painted every

3-10 years depending on what type of siding you have. Interior painting can give your home a modern, clean, like-new feel. Schedule a free quote with us now.

Cabinet painting, cabinets, pendant light, lighting, dedicated circuit, countertops


The look of custom kitchen cabinets will pull your whole kitchen space together. The same goes for custom bathroom vanities—nothing fits your space better than something that was made specifically for your home and made with the materials and hardware you pick.

Drywall repair, drywall tape, drywall texture, drywaller


Need drywall applied to your walls or ceilings, or drywall panels fastened to the inside framework of a building? SHEWORKS can help.


We also pare panels for painting by taping or finishing joints, and work with ceiling tile installers to build walls. Along with any other repair or new construction that involves drywall. 

Flooring, tile, bathroom remodel, electrical, exhaust fan, painting, painter, floor installer


Flooring installation can often be a tedious,

time-consuming, and tremendously frustrating process. It’s best to leave flooring installation to a licensed and certified professional. Not only will SHEWORKS use the best tools and installation techniques, but we know how to spot mishaps before they happen and help prevent future issues. 

Custom cabinets, custom woodworking, woodworker


Custom woodwork lets you personalize every aspect of a home so it shows off who you are. By tailoring the design, hardware, and colors of a piece, you get the chance to make it your own.

Kitchen backsplash, tile installer, painting, countertops, cabinets, cabinet painting


A beautiful backsplash with

high-end finishes can make your kitchen look brand new. A backsplash can be created in so many different shapes, and patterns. Using different types of tile and combinations, the right technique can and will change the entire look of your kitchen and increase your home value.

Countertops, quartz, granite, stone, countertop installer


When installing countertops, it is important that it be done properly or other structural components can be damaged. If a countertop is installed incorrectly, the cabinet wood could be split, the plumbing could be damaged, or any other number of things could go wrong.

SHEWORKS Electrical Contractor
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