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Our staff like to refer Elizabeth and Susan as the "SHE" and to themselves as the "WORKS". This rings 100% true, our staff is the WORKS!

Licensed electrical contractor, electrician

Co-founder & CEO

If you really want me to break out into a dance all you have to do is start playing my favorite song from the "King of Pop." Michael Jackson's Thriller really gets me to turn on those dance moves. 

Electrical contractor, SHEWORKS home remodeling and electrical, pendant lights, recessed lighting, cabinets, painting

Co-founder & COO

 At the age 10, I was going to sell lemonade but the day my shop opened, a lemonade competitor opened across the street. I didn't panic, I pivoted, and got out my snoopy snow cone machine, and sold snow cones and koolaid. I oversaw the business while my siblings and a friend made $5 a day to work the stand. At the same time I had a babysitting gig as a "moms helper" which created two income streams before I was even able to drive! Running a business is what makes me thrive & feel alive. 

Local electrician in Peoria, electrical contractor, electrician, SHEWORKS home remodeling and electrical

Master Electrician & Construction Worker

My favorite part of my job is the interaction with customers and their excitement when they see the finished work. When I am not at work, I spend my free time with my kids. If I came back in my next life as an animal, I would be an Eagle. 

Electrican, SHEWORKS home remodeling and electrial, electrical panel, circuit breakers, electrical inspection


"Customer service is key, I love coming to a job and just make someones day"

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Marketing/Office Manager 

Call Me! 

let's get started on your next project!!

Licensed contractor, painter, painting, wall painting, Dunn Edwards Paints, SHEWORKS electrical
Drywaller, licensed electrical contractor, drywall repair, tape, texture, remodel, remodeling

Drywall Installer & Finisher 

I am a 3rd generation drywaller which is how I got in to the trade. When I am not working, you will find me either at the gym, spending time with family, or hunting. Like learning how to drywall, hunting is something that I have done with my family since I was little.


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