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10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Space with Lighting

We here at SHEWORKS know the importance in lighting your space properly. Our technicians and design team have a tasteful eye for the most beautiful lighting trends. Here are some options to consider when looking to upgrade the way you light up your space.

1. Kitchen Pendant Lights

Probably one of our favorite rising trends this year is pendant lights. We love installing them, as they really pull together a whole space. It gives the feeling of a complete space with completing your room from top to bottom.

2. Industrial Style

Industrial lights provide a great sense of spunk and style to your space. The antique and rustic look is perfect for your interior. You may be hesitant, but we can assure you, you will be in love with your space.

3. Mirror Lights

Mirror lights have been growing rapidly in popularity within the last few years and for the better! They give a sense of modernity and maturity to your bathroom, or even a bedroom vanity if you please. Not only are they gorgeous, but functional too. When doing your makeup, it is important that the lighting is perfect so you can ensure the most even and beautiful look.

4. Natural Light

It is scientifically proven that natural sunlight helps with anxiety, depression, and other physical problems such as bone and skin health. Why not use this natural medicine as home lighting? You can invest in high quality windows, and decorate with sheer curtains for a whimsical look, or smart blinds for saving money. The choice is yours!

5. Neon Signs

Let's have a blast from the past with neon signs. If you're looking for a trendy, retro, yet unique way to light up your space, maybe look online for some customized neon signs. Small Etsy shops might be a great idea for neon lighting décor.

6. Chandeliers

A timeless classic that can be casual or extravagant, chandeliers are a staple in any interior lighting brainstorming session. Our technicians have years of experience installing them, so don't be hesitant because of the installation. You will not regret getting a chandelier for anyplace in your home.

7. Tabletop Lamps

If your not currently looking to replace your installed lights in your house, a great option would be tabletop lamps. They are easily accessible and customizable to your home's

personality. You can visit any home store and get a sleek, modern lamp, or you can find an antique store and find a unique vintage lamp. A salt lamp can also be a beautiful look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tabletop lamps.

8. Ambient Lights

Now ambient light isn't a specific type of light fixture, but it is a style of lighting. It is a warm type of light that is very inviting and relaxing. Salt lamps, behind bed lights, lamps with thick shades, and other similar fixtures contribute to ambient lighting. This could be a great idea for your home if you would like to up the ambiance.

9. Hand Blown Glass

Having beautiful, natural looking light installations will elevate the look of your home. Hand blown glass is a great way to support local businesses while making your house a home.

10. Smart Lights

And finally, home smart lights are perfect for your home. It will save you money, and the earth's electricity. A win-win :)

All in all, a great home is always lit well, and hopefully now you can make a decision as to what style you would like. Give SHEWORKS a call at 602-920-4257 if you need any assistance with any of your future lighting projects!

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