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2022 Kitchen Trends You Don't Want To Ignore

The kitchen is arguably the most important room of a house and the heart of the home. That's why you should consider spicing up your kitchen to make it fit you and your family's needs and comfort. Maybe a new paint job for your walls and cabinetry, or a new a back splash with some accents to your appliances. The possibilities are endless!

1. Natural Elements

Having some nature in a home never hurts! Having sustainable materials are not only stylish, but great for the environment. Having wooden counter tops are easier to make and more abundant than vinyl counter tops, while also adding comfort and warmth to the space. On top of wooden counter tops adding a warm and homey feeling to a space, while marble adds a sophisticated feel and sharp look to a space. Natural materials will create the right feel for anyone!

2. Bold Accents

Having a bold color or metal in a room can catch guests' eyes and leave everyone inspired! The combinations of metals and paints are endless and can help create the right feel for your home. And these accents can fit in anywhere. Don't want a super colorful back-splash? Just add some colorful chairs to the space! Don't want to paint all of your cabinets? Add some colorful pendant lights in there!

3. Funky Lights

You can never go wrong with statement lighting, especially pendant lights. Adding a fun fixture over an island or dining table is not only functional, but it adds so much character to a space! LED under-lit cabinets take up no space but may not be the look for some people so maybe you should go with the more elegant chandelier, or maybe even spotlights to draw attention to your amazing cooking! Lighting is a great way to add a finishing touch to a kitchen, and this may be the one thing you feel is missing.

4. Work Space

People would rather stay in the comfort of their home, but to do so your work space can't take up too much space or ruin the functuay. It can be hard to manage work space and home space, but maybe some reorganizing can help achieve both! While this may depend on your house's layout, even a small corner can help bring that sophisticated and down-to- business feel in your house. If you're not a business person, maybe your kids would like a desk for schoolwork, or a nice game table can fit in this space to let people know you're down-to-earth. As with everything in your house, it's supposed to match you and your family's lifestyle and personalities!

5. Spice It Up With Some Color!

A classic way to make a space yours is with your favorite color, artwork, or patterns! Your color can show in so many ways: Back-splash, posters, artwork, vases, chairs, plants. There are just so many ways! There's not much to say about this design choice, except that this is the easiest way to add personality to your home and it's easy to switch things up if you become bored. No more monochrome kitchens that come across as cold and bored, color is the next big thing.

Hopefully these points will help get your creative side up and active again. If you ever need help when you find your style, our team will be there for you!

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