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5 Bathroom Design Trends In 2022

Discover the most up to date styles in the industry and find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodel! Whether you are building a new home or planning a renovation, this list is sure to spark some creativity.

Trend #1 Free Standing Tubs

Free standing tubs are perfect for relaxation and long soaks. Although free standing tubs are not a new trend, we have seen them starting to become more popular in the last couple years. Not only are free standing tubs more comfortable, but they give bathrooms the modern and sleek design they deserve. Since free standing tubs stand alone, they create the perfect focal point in your bathroom.

Trend #2 Smart Bathrooms

In 2022, bathrooms will see smart showers, mini fridges, and automatic sinks. Another more common trend is the built-in blue tooth speaker system. Now you can easily jam out or wind down in your shower. Voice activated features for lighting and temperature, smart mirrors that talk to you, and increased TV installments are just a few of the other fun trends we’ve seen. Modern day bathrooms are transforming into personalized day spas, and these technologies make the experience more relaxing and convenient than ever before.

Trend #3 Two Heads Are Better Than One

Waiting for your significant other to finish showering is a thing of the past! Over the past couple of years, we have seen showers become bigger and bigger but this year we are predicting that these big showers will have showerheads for two. Not only are double showerheads nice to have but they also add luxury value to your home!

Trend #4 Compact Storage Spaces

2022 Bathrooms will display simpler ways of life as they minimize item storage and the space required. Compacted storage areas, cabinets, shelves, etc. will be presented in a simplified manner that promotes minimalist habits. This lifestyle is believed to help relieve stress and keep you more organized. Even if your other rooms are not as minimal, the bathroom is a sanctuary and compact storage can effectively provide just that. Hidden cabinets, modern wall shelving, and vanity under space storage will appear less cluttered, allowing the entire bathroom to feel more open and organized.

Trend #5 Wood Accents Are Back

Here comes the return of warmer tones and accents- specifically wooden ones! Various shades of wood can complement white, blue, green, and darker colored bathroom. Wood accents pair nicely with vintage and industrial trends so it’s no surprise that they’re popping up again. This look adds a classically traditional style to your otherwise trendy and modern bathroom.

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