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Back To School for Your Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Smart Electrical Improvements So Your Home Makes the Grade!

Smart Recessed Lighting

Be the brightest home on the block!

Control can lights to create task or mood lighting with verbal commands or your smartphone. Smart recessed lights can sync with Alexa or Google Home Assistant as part of your smart home electrical upgrade.

Smart Switches

Assignment: Create the perfect lighting in just one touch.

Install a smart switch and control a whole room! A smart switch upgrade lets you group lights and devices onto your switch or remote. Make the grade and get smart, simple one-touch control of large areas of lighting and electrical devices.

Smart Outlets

Want an A+ solution to strengthen your smart device network?

Smart outlets have a built-in transceiver which acts as network repeater extending the range of your smart hub. There are many smart outlet options to choose from some with integrated USB ports. Have a SheWorks Home Remodeling & Electrical master electrician strategically place them throughout the house to maximize your smart network coverage.

Smart Ceiling Fans

Cool kids install Smart Ceiling Fans to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Running a ceiling fan on a schedule will help circulate the cool air in a room, so you can set your AC several degrees higher. Controlled remotely, Smart Ceiling Fans can be automated to follow preset temperature limits and schedules. Designer options keep your home looking smart!

Smart Thermostat

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but smart thermostats can learn a thing or two and make decisions for you!

Have one of our licensed electricians install a smart thermostat and let this quick learner find you energy-saving opportunities by analyzing your heating and cooling patterns and automatically adjusting the temperature depending on whether your active, sleeping, home, or away. Now, that’s smart thinking.

Surge Protector

Stay ahead of the pack.

Keep all your smart devices safe and install whole house surge protection. Individual plug-in suppressors can't protect electronics that are hard-wired like your appliances, or Internet. A whole-house surge protector instantly blocks the surge from entering home circuits providing comprehensive lightning protection that will save the day.

Electric Car Chargers.

Electric vehicle supply equipment, or “EVSE,” is the proper term for what is commonly called electric car chargers or charging stations. ...

Electric Meter Remote Usage Monitor.

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