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Creative Ways to Spruce up your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, so here is the ultimate guide to sprucing your home up for the holidays!

1. Switch up Throw Blankets, Rugs, & Pillows

Replacing your current comfy decorations is a super simple way to bring more holiday cheer into the room. Switch cottons and linen materials to velvet, chunky knit, and plaid designs. These cozy accents in your living room and bedrooms give just the right amount of holiday spirit without being to much!

2. Set up a Hot Cocoa Bar

Are family and friends coming over during your holiday season? If so, a great entertaining idea, as well as a festive decoration is a hot cocoa bar. The ability to have your guests customize their warming, sweet drink is portraying immense holiday cheer!

3. Make your Home Smell like Christmas

Everyone knows that recognizable Christmas scent no matter where they go. With key notes, such as cinnamon and spices, citrus, mint, and pine tree, there are so many different ways to incorporate these scents into your space. For example, candles and wax melts, essential oils, or our personal favorite, a DIY potpourri to leave simmering on the stove.

4. Turn Gifts into Decorations

Like something out of a holiday magazine, wrap your gifts and decorate your living room with them. The act of decorating your tree with presents before Christmas day invites all feelings of holiday spirit :)

5. Put a Little Christmas into Each Room

Whether it's a mini Christmas tree in each bedroom, or festive towels in the guest bathroom, bringing Christmas spirit into every room in your house will ensure holiday spirit. Some ideas include mini Christmas trees, holiday themed blankets & pillows, a Christmas village, candles, wreaths, stockings, and so many more!

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