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Five ways to Transform your Bathroom for Under 1K

Last week, we talked about how to transform your kitchen for under $1,000. Now its time to get into the bathroom!

Sometimes the only thing we need in life is to make a change and spruce up your environment. If you are bored with your current kitchen and want to upgrade, here are 5 simple ways to transform your bathroom under 1k :)

1. Grab a Bucket of Paint

Painting your space will give you an easy revamp that isn't time consuming and will be a blast for the entire family. A bucket of paint costs around $20, and depending on how many

cabinets, or much wall space you need painted, you may just need to buy one bucket. Take a Sunday to bond as a family and repaint your bathroom!

2. Accessorize!

Instead of completely gutting your bathroom, you can redecorate for a fraction of the cost. Don't be afraid to buy new towels, rugs, or soap dispenser. Costing $100-300, swapping your towels and other decorations can make a world of difference when it comes to your bathroom. In addition, the feeling of fresh new towels and a nice fluffy rug is amazing!

3. Change your Vanity

Although a little more pricey, ranging from $500-3000, this could be a great option. You could stay on the lower end of the price range by shopping for a cheaper, yet simple and elegant vanity and installing it yourself. Being the main focal point of your bathroom, going above budget may be a good decision.

4. Change Lightbulbs

Yet another extremely effective, yet simple change you can make to your bathroom is to

change what type of lightbulbs you own. Incandescent lights cast a yellow, warm and welcoming tone against your walls and vanity, while daylight bulbs give off more of a blue tone. The choice is for you to decide, but on average one lightbulb costs $2.50, making this

option very affordable.

5. Replace the Mirror

Every time you walk into the bathroom, chances are the first thing you look at is the mirror. So why not replace it to transform your entire space? Metal framed mirror replacement cost ranges from $80-200, while wood framed mirror replacement costs $100-150, making this a great, cheap option for your bathroom transformation.

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