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Our 2023 Bathroom Trend Predictions

1. Creative Tiling

With hundreds of options, you can make so many creative tile decisions. We predict that in 2023, tiles will be the creative element of the bathroom!

2. Gold Accents

2023 is the year of simple eloquence. Gold accents as cabinet hardware and vanity accessories (soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, etc) are great ways to make your bathroom elegant!

3. Lighter Tones

In contrast to our last blog post, we predict lighter tones for the bathroom as opposed to the dark kitchen themes. This contributes to the vibe of your space and will make all of your guests feel comfortable!

4. Natural Elements

What we mean by natural elements is potted plants, natural wood patterns, stone, and natural fabrics. Not only beautiful, but natural bathroom elements are sustainable, and in 2023, sustainability will be a major consideration when it comes to your home!

5. Dusty Greens & Blues

Dusty greens and blues are a beautiful color palate for a bathroom, as well as a rising trend for 2023. These hues allow for many complimentary features that will make your bathroom shine!

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