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Our 2023 Kitchen Trend Predictions

With the new year quickly approaching, we want to prepare you for these new, upcoming trends that will elevate your space!

1. Green & Blue Kitchen Themes

Inspired by Dakota Johnson's kitchen, the rise in deep colors will be a big part of 2023. Bringing warmth and depth to your space, these dark themes are exactly what you want in your kitchen for the year 2023. You can do this drastically by repainting your entire kitchen or do a more subtle change by making rich accent colors. Whatever you choose, the choice is yours.

2. Sustainable Materials

Of course, every year we hope to emphasize sustainable materials but in 2023, that will be turned up a notch. Some ideas to make your kitchen sustainable include an herb garden, smart appliances, compost, and recycle!

3. Big Focus on Creative Backsplashes

Strong accent points are making a rise, and one of the strongest ones is the backsplash. Being basically the background of your whole kitchen, it provides the foundation to express your creativity through your kitchen.

4. Smart Technology

We are transitioning into a new age, and so are our kitchens! The great thing about it is that everything is becoming so convenient now. With our smart phones being linked to our refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and even our coffee pots there is no doubt that smart technology will be on the rise in 2023.

5. Islands Reimagined

Not only beautiful, but functional too, islands are going to make a big appearance in 2023!

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