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Should You Unplug All of Your Appliances Before You Leave for Vacation?

Whether you're trying to save money or keep your house safe, it is important to stay informed and take your part on your energy usage.

The Importance of Conserving Energy

Energy is streaming through your house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can prevent excessive energy usage by turning off and unplugging unused devices. But why should we conserve energy?

Save Money

The most obvious reason for eliminating energy usage is to eliminate your monthly bill. Did you know that one watt of energy=$1 annually? A 50 inch LED TV uses approximately 100 watts of energy alone! Certain electronics make up 10% of your home's energy costs. When unplugging unused devices when you are away for vacation, you can save $100-200 per year.

Reduce Fire Risk/Power Surges

You may believe that all of your appliances are safe, but even the most high-tech appliances pose a dangerous fire hazard. Electrical fires start at the panel when circuits are becoming

overloaded or simply by the age of your panel.

Power surges are pretty much how they sound, when there is a dangerous surge of excessive power. They occur very frequently when a circuit is being overloaded with electricity, such as packed extension cords or too many kitchen appliances. With the right amount of energy, temperature, humidity, and wire quality, a simple surge can create a full-fledged house fire in minutes.

Increase the Life of Your Belongings

When there is constant power being run to appliances when they are in "stand-by mode," it actually reduces the expected lifespan. Many devices have lights in them, such as indicator lights and digital clocks, that stay on whenever power is being run to them. It is important to prevent wearing out your devices when not in use.

What Should I Unplug?


  • Toasters

  • Blenders

  • Microwaves

  • Any other countertop appliances

Should I unplug my fridge and freezer?

Typically, when your vacation is shorter than one month, it isn't recommended to completely unplug it. Although, you can remove all of the perishable foods and turn the fridge to a lower setting. In addition, you should turn off your ice maker and then turn off the water supply to the fridge to prevent any potential leaks.


  • Computers

  • TV's

  • Video game consoles

  • DVD/ Blu-Ray Players

  • Speakers

In addition, any power strips with an on/off switch should all be turned off. This will prevent

you from having to unplug every device.


  • Washers & dryers

  • Pool pump

  • Lower your A/C to 82 degrees (some programmable A/C units have an auto mode that you can turn on from your phone)

  • Turn off your water heater from the circuit breaker.

  • Closing all blinds will prevent any excess heat from coming inside.

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