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Think you don’t need Tamper-Resistant Receptacles?

Tamper- resistant receptacles are an important step to making your home a safer place for children by providing a permanent solution to childhood shock caused by inserting an object, such as a paper clip, into a receptacle. They are preferable to receptacle caps which can easily get lost or may fail to be replaced, if an adult is distracted or in a rush. They may also pose a choking hazard for some ages of children. Additionally, children can learn to defeat an alternate safety option, sliding receptacle covers, by watching parents or other adults operate them.

In contrast, Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRR’s) have spring-loaded shutters that close off the contact openings, or slots, of the receptacles. When a plug is inserted into the receptacle, both springs are compressed allowing the shutters open and the metal prongs to make contact creating an electrical circuit. Because both springs need to be compressed at the same time, the shutters will not open if a child attempts to insert an object into only one slot, as there will be no contact with electricity.

Did you know that TRR’s are required by code? Even if a homeowner does not have small children of their own, TRR’s protect the children of relatives and friends that my visit. If you live in an older home and notice that the outlets have not been upgraded to Tamper Resistant Receptacles, call a licensed SHEWORKS electrician to install this important safety feature and provide peace of mind knowing that your smallest residents and visitors are protected.

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