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Trendy Paint Colors For 2022

Trends change every year, but some may last more than others. If you're looking to spice up your home, maybe try some new colors that will add character to your surroundings but will also be trendy. Maybe you don't quite know what vibe your house should have, so lets jump-start that creativity!

Vibrant Colors:

If you need some color in your life and enjoy the excitement of bright and out-there colors, here's some that will help you visualize them on your walls!


Terracotta in itself is a very vibrant color that looks great in nature, but what would it look like in your room? This can help create a serious and sophisticated look depending on the room decorations, or help bring a fun and warm space. Terracotta is such a diverse color and can help you determine the mood and bring the excitement back to your home. Not only is this a great color, but it can even come in different shades! Don't want a deep red? Go for a faded terracotta look. Terracotta is perfect for every family.

Very Peri:

Very Peri is a very deep periwinkle color that would make for a great accent wall, or even a room if you wanna make a statement! Very Peri is the perfect room color to add accent art and decorations to, so the inner artist in you can break free. Although this color can be quite intense, it would make for a unique accent in a room and really tie everything together!

Sunny Side:

Everyone loves the feeling of warm sun rays, but those can be hard to come by. So why not add that feeling of warmth to your whole room? A yellow room can be overwhelming, but a nice, faded yellow can make for a great breakfast nook or a playroom! Yellows come in so many shades, so don't feel pressured to go with an egg-yolk yellow, but go with the yellow that will lift your moods and match your home.

Orange Burst:

Orange burst is the perfect color to cheer yourself up, as it brings the energy! Now you may be asking, "How can a paint color bring energy?" but just look at it! This orange is perfect for a family home, where kids may be roaming and always looking for the next big thing. This would make for a perfect accent wall in a bathroom as well, as it can be small and not the center piece but still bring that liveliness to the space. Orange burst is as vibrant as you can get without going overboard!

Earthy Tones:

Earthy tones are popular because they fit for everyone and have so many different varieties. Earthy colors help bring tranquility to a space and serve as the perfect background for any furniture, as you can have so much different colored furniture, but still have the room feel peaceful.

Mint Zen:

Mint zen is a beautiful and tranquil color for any room. When we say any room, we mean any room. This color is so neutral but adds a subtle hint of color to the room that will help make your decorations stand out a little more. This light green color will help your house plants and art thrive!

Evergreen Fog:

Sticking to the green tones, another great one is evergreen fog. It's so subtle, almost a beige, but still adds that slight look of color. Anything can match this color and is suitable for a whole room or for some accents, making this color super versatile. You can even use this as an exterior paint! Although it's a faint color, it's still beautiful and sophisticated and would look great in any part of your home.


Breathe is as peaceful as it sounds, with it's powdery blue hue and relaxing atmosphere. Breathe is perfect for a household centered around plants, as the light blue brings out the beautiful green leaves of plants and makes the room itself feel more alive. Breathe would also make for a great nursery or playroom, as it's so relaxing and looks like the sky, which could let your kids imagination run wild! Breathe is peaceful and will definitely change the atmosphere around your home.

Raccoon Fur:

Raccoon fur is a beautiful, deep gray that will make any room down to earth. Any room with this color will become moody and make for a great reading nook or bedroom, as it is not distracting and will comfort you as you read and relax. Although it's a bit more intense than the other colors, it would make for a beautiful accent wall or for room decorations. Raccoon fur also adds that slight blue-ish and purple-ish color to your home without overwhelming you.

Hopefully these paint colors sparked your creativity and you were able to find the right paint color, or get an idea of the paint color you want in your home. Although these are amazing paint colors, there are so many more that are so much for vibrant or down-to-earth than these ones. go find what works for you, and SHEWORKS will be here to help you when you find the perfect color!

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