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What Is A Panel Rejuvenation? And Why Might You Need It?

A panel rejuvenation is a great way to bring life back into your home in a money-friendly way. Cleaning and maintaining your panel is way easier than replacing the whole panel, which can be expensive and time consuming if a compatible panel is on back-order. This option is fast, easy, and cheap compared to other options.

What is a Panel Rejuvenation?

A panel rejuvenation is a service where the breakers will be replaced in your panel, it will be dusted and wiped out, the circuits will be checked to make sure that power is still running to them, and all wires will be checked to make sure they are still in good condition. By replacing the breakers it reduces the risks of an electrical fire starting from a faulty breaker and also lowers the chance of a breaker tripping. The replacements will also ensure that the breakers are holding the required amps and are in the correct spots. When the breakers are being replaced, the wires will be checked at the same time to ensure that they're safe and functional. Our electricians will look for frayed ends, proper insulation, cuts, or incorrect placement. By checking the wires, it prevents electrical fires and injury while also making your panel look beautiful! Dusting the panel will make sure that no dirt and dust has made its way into the breakers and other crevices that may pose as a risk or may make opening and closing the panel difficult. This will also make your panel look amazing!

Why You May Want A Panel Rejuvenation

Apart from the listed benefits above, there are other great reasons to want a panel makeover. When requesting a panel rejuvenation, it cuts the cost and time of having to order a whole new panel, which you would have to do for a whole panel change out. This prevents the stress of having to find a brand new panel that will be compatible with your previous one, while also cutting the time of the project as you will not have to wait for a panel to be shipped if it's on back-order. A panel rejuvenation is also inexpensive and can be worthwhile. While breakers need to be replaced every 10 years, with a new panel you would need to do the same and still dish out the money for a whole new panel. It can also save you money, as you won't have to pay for a new panel and new wires.

If you're looking to have a panel makeover, the panel rejuvenation is the way to go! It will be worth it in the end and make your home safer for you and your whole family.

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