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Circuit Breaker Won’t Reset & What To Do

Circuit Breaker Won’t Reset & What To Do

If your circuit breaker trips, you will want to go out to the main electrical panel and flip the breaker back to the on position. If the circuit breaker immediately trips again, then you may have a short circuit or an overloaded circuit.

Note: Some circuit breakers after tripped will trip to the middle position and need to be turned to the "off" position then back to the "on position". This is a common mistake homeowners will make, as you might just try to turn it back on and feel resistance or it won't stay in the on position.

Circuit Breaker Won’t Reset & What To Do
Circuit Breaker Won’t Reset & What To Do

If you are unsure about why your electrical breaker is tripping, and the circuit breaker isn't holding after being reset, then contact SHEWORKS Electrical by either calling 602-920-4257 or BOOK NOW directly through out website selecting the "Troubleshooting" option. The issue may require a local licensed residential electrician to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue for the issue to be resolved.

How to Reset the Main Breaker

The main breaker shouldn't trip and if it does, it is important to call a local licensed residential electrician to troubleshoot the issue. To reset your main breaker, it is the same procedure as the other circuit breakers in your electrical panel. You will want to turn the breaker to the "on" position using a bit more force, since it is a stiffer breaker to turn on and off. When resetting the main breaker, stand off to the side of the panel, in case there is an arc flash when turning on the breaker. It is recommended to not try resetting this breaker yourself as there is a safety risk. Just like the other breakers in your panel, if this breaker won't hold after being reset or trips again, then it should be looked at and repaired by a licensed residential electrician.

How to Reset Breaker with a Test Button

Certain breakers are AFCI/GFCI breakers and have a test button. These breakers are recommended to be tested monthly by the manufacturer. As a homeowner, you likely didn't even know that these are supposed to be tested, as many homeowners are unaware. However, now that you know, it is a good practice to test these monthly. To reset these AFCI/GFCI breakers it is the same process as regular circuit breakers. The difference between these breakers is in addition to protecting against circuit overloads, they are monitoring for small faults to ground and listening for radio frequencies caused by arcing. Arc Fault (AFCI) and Ground Fault (GFCI) breakers are required for certain areas of the home and are lifesavers when preventing electrocution and electrical fires. They should never be replaced with a common breaker.

When to Replace a Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker that trips multiple times should be replaced, as the frequent tripping starts to compromise the integrity of the breaker. If you are experiencing this issue, contact SHEWORKS Electrical to troubleshoot, diagnose, and replace the faulty breaker.

Where is the Main Circuit Breaker Located?

The main circuit breaker is located at the top of your main electrical panel. In the Phoenix, AZ area, electrical panels are typically located on the exterior of the home. If you open the door to your main electrical panel, most all homes that have a 100amp, 150amp, or 200amp, panel will have your main breaker at the top of your panel, separated from your other breakers. Homes that have a 400amp panel will have two separate main panels with each of them having a 200amp main breaker.

Reset Breaker - Circuit Still has No Power

If you followed all the steps outlined above, the circuit breaker was turned to the "off position" before turning it to the "on" position and you still don't have power, then you likely have a defective breaker that needs to be replaced or a short in the circuit's wiring. Figuring out the issue on the circuit can be time consuming, especially if you aren't an experienced electrician, so it is best to contact the pro's to figure out if you have a neutral wire that is broken, splice in the wiring, or if the wiring is broken due to rodent damage. Contact SHEWORKS Electrical to troubleshoot by clicking BOOK NOW.

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