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What is the Difference Between Circuit Breaker and GFCI?

What is the Difference Between Circuit Breaker and GFCI? It can get confusing, especially since there are AFCI & GFCI breakers. When talking about the differences between a circuit breaker and a GFCI, they both can alter the flow of electricity in your home, but each perform different jobs. A GFCI is referring to an outlet while a circuit breaker is what you will find in your electrical panel.

What is a GFCI?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter and it is a specialized type of outlet with a built-in breaker. These devices are designed to prevent shock in the even that your electrical becomes in contact with water, which is why you will see these installed in kitchens and bathrooms, or anywhere electricity is near water.

If you are blow drying your hair in the morning in your bathroom and that hairdryer comes in contact with water, it will create an electrical surge and your GFCI will trip, shutting off the current and preventing a shock. When the GFCI shuts the power off this way, it could even saved your life from a life-threatening shock. After your GFCI trips, you will want to unplug your device, and contact your local electrician, SHEWORKS Electrical if the GFCI won't reset after the surge.

GFCI's are important for you and your family's safety, so if you don't have them in areas that are near water, BOOK NOW with SHEWORKS Electrical to have them added for your protection.

What is a Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker controls the electrical current to that circuit. You can find your circuit breakers in your main electrical panel. In Arizona, electrical panels are typically located on the exterior of the house.

When a surge of electrical current happens the breaker is designed to trip and cut off power to everything that is being powered by that circuit. When a circuit breaker detects a fault and trips, it prevents damage to the wiring in your home, and protects your home against electrical fires.

Contact SHEWORKS Electrical at 602-920-4257 for all your electrical needs.

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