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SHEWORKS Home Remodeling is a woman-owned residential contractor that provides small improvment services as well as larger-scale remodeling projects. Whether you are looking to increase the functionality of a space, update to a more modern look, or give your home a makeover. You'll find we are different than our competitors because we focus on providing an elevated customer experience for our clients. 

Whether you just need a single trade or a full remodel, we are the contractor for you!

Drywall repair, drywaller, texture and paint


Proper drywall services help protect your house from fire. This is because the gypsum used to make the drywall material is fire resistant, which is why it is so important to make sure your drywall is hung properly. 

Painter, painting, touch up paint, wall painting, dunn edwards paint


A new coat of paint on your walls can help seal out moisture, reducing the added weight that can put stress on your home's structural integrity. Quality paint, can help repel all the dirt, dust, and allergens, making it easier to keep your home clean.

Custom cabinets and customer woodworking


Custom woodwork lets you personalize every aspect of a home so it shows off who you are. By tailoring the design, hardware, and colors of a piece, you get the chance to make it your own.

Countertops, cabinets, quartz, granite


When installing countertops, it is important that it be done properly or other structural components can be damaged. If a countertop is installed incorrectly, the cabinet wood could be split, the plumbing could be damaged, or any other number of things could go wrong.

Floor installer, tile, flooring, floor and decor


Flooring is a crucial part of any interior design and can easily make or break your space. While our first interaction with a space is visual, the first physical contact a person will have with your space is the flooring. It serves as a foundation to your design and can ultimately impact its overall success.

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