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2022 Bathroom Trends That Will Renew Your Home

The bathroom is often an overlooked aspect of a home, yet so much time is spent inside of them. You and your guests deserve a better, more relaxing bathroom experience that makes a statement and feels like it belongs in your home. And here is how to do that.

1. A Splash of Color

Color in a bathroom can help break up the monotone aspect that was trendy in the past. Grays and whites have become increasingly popular over the years, but in 2022, adding color is the next big thing. Deep colors such as forest green or navy blue can create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your bathroom. There are many ways to approach adding color, such as: Painted tubs, curtains, towels, wall art, and even tiles.

2. Stand Out Lighting

Lighting is important for the functional aspect of them but they also help tie up a room. A lighting fixture can help better communicate the aesthetic you're trying to reach while also serving useful. Back-lit mirrors and chandeliers will be eye catching but stay out of the way and add a beautiful touch to your bathroom.

3. Shower Designs

The shower is most often the first thing that will be noticed within a bathroom. Showers can be functional while also being beautiful, as walk-in showers are becoming increasingly more popular. These large open-area showers can be comfortable and relaxing with the right color scheme and accessories. Rainfall shower-heads are relaxing and take up no room, and can be fully enjoyed within your open shower. With a big enough shower, two shower-heads can fit inside!

4. Vintage Atmosphere

A more vintage look could be a sophisticated look and come off as too fancy, but in reality, adding vintage items can be very subtle and eye-catching. Having a vintage bathroom can be comforting and cozy, especially with the color scheme. The dark brass faucet mixed with a light blue back-splash will let the antique looking faucet stand out, while the back-splash also stands out. Mixing modern and retro appliances can contrast the two and draw more attention to usually bland fixtures within your bathroom.

5. Connecting with Nature

More and more people are being drawn to the more natural feels of bathrooms, such as stone and wood. Natural materials can be used anywhere to decorate, but create a beautiful back-splash or mirror when found in a bathroom. Marble is already a popular home decorating resource, and it will stay that way once it's introduced to your bathroom. Wood is also a unique add-in for a bathroom, as it can create a cozy and spa-like feeling while also creating a sharp image. Another excellent and organic decoration is plants. Plants can help fill space while also creating a minimalist space and adding some color.

These 5 trends are sure to spice up your bathroom and add the character you never knew you needed!

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