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2022 Bedroom Trends

Although 2022 is approaching a rapid end, we at SHEWORKS still would like to talk about this year's most notable bedroom trends!

1. Quality Above Quantity

This year, many people started to crack down on their excessive bedroom décor to maintain a timeless, high quality look. Sticking to minimal, high quality pieces will brighten up any bedroom.

2. Plants, Plants, and More Plants!

Potted plants have been on the rise recently, and for good reason.

Plants provide a sense of calm and tranquility to your space. The pop of color, and occasional beautiful scent make a great bedroom addition.

3. Bold Accent Colors

One thing that all great interior design masterpieces have in common is their ability to catch your eyes with something unexpected, yet greatly appreciated. Bold accent colors are a great affordable way to bring attention to any bedroom. If you're tired of your current beige room, spruce it up with a nice burnt orange accent wall, and while you're at it, throw a couple matching orange pillows and wall decorations to complete the look!

4. Artistic Flare

Whether you prefer abstract, unconventional art, or the timeless classics, filling your space with creative influences is a fool-proof way to customize your bedroom this year.

5. Ambient Lighting

Everybody knows that mood lighting will make or break your space, so we here at SHEWORKS knows how important great lighting is. Try changing out the color of your light bulbs, get a high quality lamp, or even a wall night light will make your bedroom glow!(literally and figuratively)

6. Hide-Away Storage

A common theme among this year's bedroom trends has been some form of minimalism, and with hide-away storage solutions, your space will be neat and and uncluttered. Some examples include underbed storage, trendy nightstands, or a storage ottoman.

7. Cluttercore

As opposed to the rest of our bedroom trend suggestions, "cluttercore" has been steadily rising in the last year or so. It is basically where you intentionally make your space cluttered. You can use plants, tapestries, artwork, or basically anything. Don't be too fooled by the name because a cluttercore room can be quite tasteful if done right!

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