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Circuit Breaker Know How

Circuit breakers work because they break the circuit. Usually, it’s due to a circuit overload and can be easily remedied by resetting the breaker. If you don’t know how to reset a circuit breaker, please keep reading! 1. Locate the tripped Breaker. Most circuit breakers come with an orange or red marker window indicating that it has tripped. - If there is no indicator, look for the switch that has shifted to the OFF position. It's possible the switch may sit directly in the middle between ON and OFF. 2. Turn off all light fixtures and appliances plugged into the circuit. Most electricians recommend that the circuit be drawing no electrical load when the tripped circuit is reset.

3. Flip the Circuit Breaker Switch. Push the switch into the ON position to reconnect your circuit and restore power. - Your panel may have ARC Fault circuit breakers (AFCI) which can prevent home fires as well as prevent shocks. To reset this style of breaker, push the breaker lever fully to the OFF position and then back to the ON position. You will feel resistance in the lever, followed by a clicking sound or sensation as the breaker resets to the ON position. 4. Test the Circuit. Turn on lights and appliances along the circuit one at a time. If possible, have someone stand by the breaker box to see if the circuit breaker trips again. If it does, it's time to call an electrician, as this indicates a more serious problem with the circuit.

NEVER hold a breaker down with tape! A circuit breaker that trips instantly when you reset it usually indicates that there is a short circuit in the system. Forcing a breaker to maintain contact could result in a fire or other home-threatening problems. Leave the circuit breaker in the OFF position and call a SheWorks Electrical professional, we'll find and fix the problem. If you experience regular circuit outages, detect a burning smell, or notice signs of deterioration such as scorching, rusting, or corrosion around a circuit breaker or the main circuit breaker box call SheWorks Electrical immediately.

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