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Electrical Upgrades to Improve Home Office Productivity

If you live in a work from home environment and haven’t improved your home office experience, now’s the time. There are several simple electrical upgrades you can make to your home that may help improve your overall productivity.


The right lighting in essential to create a productive home office environment and should include elements like overhead lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. Dim lighting can cause eye strain leading to headaches, and insufficient lighting can cause drowsiness and a lack of focus. Sufficient, appropriate lighting is an important factor in your productivity and work from home success.


When circuits trip sensitive electronics can be damaged and valuable work can be lost. A circuit breaker serves as a level of protection, but it’s not always a guarantee. When you work from home installing a dedicated circuit for your home office is the best way to keep everything running smoothly.


Your ability to work productively from home will only be as good as your home’s electrical infrastructure. Remember, the electrical demands on your system don’t just come from the devices in your home office and even electrical panels with circuit breakers, when overworked, can overheat and cause an electrical fire.


To maintain your work from home productivity, you’ll need an electrical system that is reliable. Whether you need to enhance your lighting, upgrade your panel, or remodel your entire space. SheWorks is committed to making sure your work from home office is ready to meet your electrical demands.


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