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How do Surge Protectors Work?

How do Surge Protectors Work? A whole-home surge protector is hard wired at your electrical panel and it provides surge protection for your entire home. When there is an electrical voltage spikes or surges, the whole home surge protector blocks it or grounds it so your appliances and electrics aren't damaged.

How do Surge Protectors Work?
How do Surge Protectors Work?

It is imperative that your home also has the proper grounding or the surge protector won't do its job. Contact SHEWORKS Electrical to determine if your home has the proper grounding and could benefit from a surge protector.

Are all surge protectors created equal?

The short answer is no, there are many different whole home surge protectors available on the market. The best whole home surge protection systems can stop surges of 40,000 amps and more. Surge protectors also come with additional assurance that if the surge protector fails, you may receive up to $100,000 in coverage for your appliances, EV vehicles, etc. SHEWORKS Electrical uses a high quality surge protector with $100,000 coverage at an affordable price point.

Common Types of Surges

Power surges happen quite often in Phoenix, AZ. They can come and go in less than a second, so you might not even know that they are happening. In that short amount of time, if you aren't protected it can destroy your EV Charger, EV Vehicle battery if charging during a surge, appliances, computers, etc.

The most common causes for a power surge:

  • Downed Power Lines - This can happen due to a storm during monsoon season, car accidents hitting the power line, animals, etc.

  • High electricity demand - Extreme weather such as Arizona's three digit temperatures in the summer can cause power surges because everyone is running their A/C to cool down their homes. This is often referred to blackouts or brownouts, which can product power surges.

  • Lightning - Lighting during monsoon season can cause an extreme power surge. A single lightning bolt can send 200,000 amps of electricity through your homes wiring, producing electrical surges of more than 50,000 volts and catching your electrical panel on fire! We have seen this several times in the years we have been in business!

  • Cycling of appliances inside your home - Those small power fluctuations by your fridge, wine cooler, air conditioner, and clothes dryer happen all the time. 80% of power surges within the home are generated from these appliances. Overtime this can wear down your appliances and fry the circuit boards for your electric stove, computers, or even your energy saving LED light bulbs.

  • Faulty wiring - If you have an older home in the greater Phoenix area, unless you upgraded your panel and wiring, your home doesn't have the capacity needed to handle the demand of today's electronic world. Your wiring might start to wear down and fray (especially with aluminum wiring). Contact your local electrician in Phoenix to inspect your electrical wiring and panel.

Doesn't Plug in Strip Surge Protectors do the same thing?

There are two types of surge protectors, and the two of them work hand and hand. The power strip surge protectors protect against internal power surges that occurs with the cycling of your home appliances. The plug in surge protectors act as an additional buffer, while the whole home surge protector protects against all reasons for a power surge. It is good to have both, but if you are just going to choose one, then the whole home surge protector is the way to go.

Risk of NOT having Whole Home Surge Protectors

Think about the cost of all your appliances, including your Tesla or electric vehicle. Can you afford to replace them if your home is affected by a surge? That is all your TV's, Sub-Zero Fridge, dishwasher, electric range, and any appliance or electronic that is plugged in.

You might think that this won't happen to you, but Phoenix, AZ is at a higher risk for these type of surges due to monsoon season. These intense storms can be unpredictable and their force can knock out power, cause downed power lines, and effect the electricity in your home. Check out how to Plan Ahead and Prepare for Monsoon season with APS or SRP. New to Arizona? Check out this video on "What is a Monsoon"?

Ready to protect your home from surges? Contact SHEWORKS Electrical today for an estimate!

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