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Lighting A Bathroom With No Windows

The best lighting for bathrooms with no windows combines ambient lighting and task lighting to create a bright, functional space. Make sure to install bright overhead lighting that flows evenly throughout the room, and add focused lighting over the vanity to make tasks like shaving or applying makeup so much easier. So, what are the best lights bulbs for bathrooms that have no natural light coming through a window?

There are three main types of bulbs, halogen incandescent, compact florescent lights, and LEDs. Most experts suggest using LEDs for windowless bathrooms. Although incandescent bulbs will work, LEDs are significantly more energy efficient and last over 25% longer than incandescent bulbs.

When it comes to choosing lighting fixtures for your bathroom you may want to stay away from recessed lighting, which can allow moisture to escape into spaces above the ceiling. May not be the best choice. For windowless bathrooms, choose clear or white shades that let light through.

For vanity lighting, sconces on each side of the mirror will illuminate your face and minimize shadows from overhead lights. Rope lights or globe sets can be placed all the way around the mirror creating a more contemporary look.

Want an expert opinion on the best lighting for your bathroom? Call SheWorks Home Remodeling and Electrical. We can help with lighting design, fixture selection, and electrical outlet upgrades. Call us today.


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