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Minty Fresh - The Fresh Color

Minty Fresh, this color captures the enthusiasm and optimism of a new decade. As we stand at the portal of a new era, the infinite potential lies ahead. It’s invigorating, exciting and so fresh!

“Fresh and Free,” Minty Free exudes a calm, clean, and crisp high point to the color palette — water-soft and mentholated, revived in oxygenating nuances, a reflection of purity. A subtle and relaxing pastel that conveys the partnership between technology and nature.

Nature as Inspiration

Minty Fresh — an invigorating, sweet, cool, and aromatic hue — defines 2020, as a range of ground, garden-inspired shades heralds the opportunity for a fresh start. With this mint-infused pastel hue, we are upbeat as we take an optimistic approach to create and control elements that are within our power. And, as with many shades of green, nature is omnipresent, creating tranquility and balance between stillness and progress.


Embracing high-tech influences, Minty Fresh represents how science has become symbiotic with design. With sustainability as a baseline, designers are incorporating science and innovative technologies to create solutions that are long-lasting and kind to our Earth.

Filled with Optimism

As we head into 2020, we move forward with enthusiasm. As our 2020 color and design trends report, “Optimistic Endeavors” details, this next year takes us on a journey filled with hopeful adventures, highlighting a wide range of ideas in color and design. We are looking forward to a new decade — with its advances in science and technology, as well as global views. In addition, we are approaching a generational change that’s leading us to new identities, which means we’re on a mission to leave the world a better place, while fully immersing ourselves in the present along the way.

And, “Fresh and Free,” one of our five 2020 color and design trends stories, highlights that innovation, tranquility, and a desire for transparency — leading us to a clean, light palette of bright pastels and soothing neutrals featuring Minty Fresh.

Inner Reflection

In the search for progress, Minty Fresh addresses the escalation in spirituality, as well as a fascination with mysticism and the cosmos. We discover the right to dream, seek out the irrational, and use our imaginations again. We are rethinking connections and convictions as we place importance on our inner views. Minimal luxuries — such as experiencing time for yourself and not for others — are key.

Fatigued from the noise of the past several years, the design seeks to create measured rhythm out of chaos. Like the design community’s embrace of sustainability in the early 2000s, health and wellness find a central place in design planning.

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