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Should You Move or Remodel?

When faced with the ultimatum of moving or remodeling, you never know where to turn. Although we can't provide a definitive answer, we will give you a list of things to think about when deciding whether to move or remodel.

Things to Think About:

Probably one of the most important factors in any decision is how much you will spend (or save). Here is a list of the costs associated with each of the options.


  • Cost of selling- about $5,000

  • Moving costs- $800-2,500

  • Minor Repairs- $200-3,000

  • Cost of new home- Average AZ house is $600,000 and to rent is about $2,000


  • Permits- $50-2,000

  • Architectural plans- Average $5,000

  • Materials- It depends on what you are looking to remodel and what materials you choose.

  • Labor- $20-150 per hour

  • Hidden costs- Broken materials, jobs done incorrectly, etc could all contribute to the hidden costs in a home remodel.

Pros and Cons-


Pros: Cons:

-Purchase a new investment -Pay for moving costs

-Gain a new perspective -Added stress

-Avoid remodeling costs - Risk of not finding the perfect fit

-A fresh start -Leaving behind memories, friends, and families



Pros: Cons:

-Add value -You could over value your home

-Customize your space -Added stress

-Sense of accomplishment -You could be living in a construction zone

-Avoid uprooting your life -Paying for a hotel/rental house

-It will have hidden costs

-Takes a lot longer than you think

All in all, the choice is yours. We at SHEWORKS can't decide for you, but when it comes to minor repairs with moving, or a full-blown remodel, we are always here to help! Just give us a call at 602-920-4257 :)

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