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Top 20 Renovation Trends For 2021

2020 was the year of rolling up our sleeves and finally working on all those projects we’d been putting off. And now it’s official: home renovations will ramp up even more in 2021

Bathroom Sanctuary

The bathroom is the frontrunner for the most-popular room to renovate. Heated floors, wet rooms and freestanding tubs are some of the elements we’re prioritizing.

Touchless Faucets

The demand for touchless faucets has gone through the roof. This is getting more and more demand as more modern times start to impact the remodeling space. Keeping a clean look and a clean sink.

Home Gyms

Many of us are creating dedicated rooms to get moving indoors. Treadmills sales are up 280% in 2020 and most of the home gym equipment prices are over the roof. Everyone is looking for a home gym. Are you ready to get yours?

Why Porcelain?

Numerous designers told us they’re spec’ing out counters and floors in porcelain, which absorbs just 0.1 per cent of bacteria. “It’s one of the safest materials,” says experts.

The Return Of DIY

Based on a survey by OnePoll and Bernzomatic, we’ve been keeping busy in 2020, with the average homeowner taking on four different reno projects since March.

Revisiting Open Concept

Though an open-plan layout is usually top of the reno wish list, this year we want separated spaces that better accommodate remote working and learning.

Craving Color

From bright basins to bold wallpaper and zesty kitchens, our appetite for color is inspiring daring design choices.

Taking Back The Basement

When home is the place for both work and play, there’s no room for wasted space. It can be converted into a office, play room, family room. man cave and more!

Built-In Storage

As we spend more time organizing our spaces, we’re adding more custom millwork in playrooms, closets and pantries. Busy parents and home cooks are asking for butler’s pantries

Outdoor Rooms

Alfresco living might be commonplace in California but, this year, Canadians will be extending backyard season with pools, hot tubs, decks and more.

Home Offices

With many of us adopting a work-from-home schedule, the desire for a functional home office has only increased.

Multifunctional Rooms

According to designer Tommy Smythe, rooms that do double or even triple duty for all the living we do at home nowadays will be popular this year. “We’re working on a guest room right now that is changing from an at-home hotel suite to an office/gym complete with IT conducive to yoga classes or zoom meetings.”

Homes Away From Home

Due to travel restrictions, homeowners will be more inclined to purchase (and renovate) vacation properties including cottages, ski cabins and farms.

More Natural Light

Sun-drenched live-work spaces are key to boosting productivity and staying positive, so it’s no wonder windows and skylights are in the limelight in 2021.

Natural Wood Finishes

Lighter woods like oak will continue to trend into 2021 as farmhouse and Japandi-inspired spaces take over, but oak flooring is losing a few inches.

Matte Black Finishes

This year, traditional chrome takes a backseat as matte black fixtures and tiles become more mainstream in bathrooms and kitchens.

Entertainment Zones

In 2021, there will be a focus on creating bars, media rooms and outdoor entertainment pavilions where friends and family can safely gather.

Vinyl Flooring

This hardwood alternative is easy to install and maintain, and is the perfect solution for homeowners experiencing flooding or looking to protect their floors from the daily wear and tear of wet boots.

Multigenerational Homes

If last year proved anything, it’s that togetherness and family are top of mind. This will continue into 2021 as more properties are adapted to comfortably accommodate grandparents, children and even grandchildren.

Soundproofing Spaces

Soft surfaces like carpeting are back in focus as we try to limit sound travel from the family room to the home office and the bedroom. Even the laundry room isn’t off soft-furnishing limits.

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