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What Is The Big Deal With LED Lights?

LED lights have been all the rage over the past few years. Why? Well there are multiple reasons as to why these lights have been pushed by every electrician, friend, neighbor, and anyone else who owns a home. These lights are game changers!

Longer Lifespan

LED's have a longer lifespan than regular bulbs you may find in a house such as incandescent or fluorescent lights. LED lights hold more power, meaning they can supply you with more power over a longer period of time. These lights can typically last 50,000 hours! Or if you're extra careful with turning your lights on and off, they can last 100,000 hours! This roughly adds up to six to 12 years before ever needing replaced. This is perfect for home owners who plan on living in one house for an extended period of time, as they won't have to worry about their lighting.

Light Efficiency

LED's stand out the most to home owners for their cost-friendly aspects. It's true that these lights barely add anything to your electrical bill. They use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs! With other lights, they're measured using lumens but some of those are not necessary, meaning they can be wasted. With LED's, no lumens are wasted, which is why they are so cheap on your bills!

Environmentally Friendly

These tiny lights are actually very friendly to Mother Nature! Traditional lights such as fluorescent or mercury vapor lights use mercury in their core, which can be very dangerous at the end of their life span. Those lights often need special handling and disposal options, which means it often ends up in the earth. LED's are mercury free and require no special handling if they reach the end of their lifespan. LED's are easy to understand and even easier to switch them out!


Though it may not seem like it, LED's are tiny in reality. When they are sold as tape lights or bulbs, those are many LED lights stacked next to each other. The size of LED's makes them perfect for any sort of space, as they can make perfect display lights for art or even just fancy bulbs. These bulbs are also perfect for displaying precious art, as they emit no UV or heats rays, which could hurt art if exposed long enough. These lights are perfect for every space!

Dimming Capabilities

Not everyone wants to be blasted with light in every room they go in. Traditional lighting may not be able to offer that comfort, and if it does then it may be poorly done. LED's on the other hand are the perfect lights to be dimmed or not be dimmed. When LED's are dimmed they also use less energy, making it perfect to walk out a room and dim them or turn them off completely and save energy and money!

LED's are perfect for everyone, as they are capable of everything that normal lights would normally have a hard time doing. These inexpensive lights will save you money, time, and resources. LED's are the right way to go, so join in on the fun!

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